When Office Cleaning Prices Are Too Low – Cleaning Standards Suffer

I was so excited to get my first job. It was like Christmas – but for grown ups!

But I did have one nagging feeling.

You see as a newbie, I really didn’t know how to set the price so I suspected at the time that I asked for too little.

And this meant, I effectively put my cleaners under a lot of pressure to get the whole job done in too little time.

Really, this is a recipe for disaster.

So it came as a huge surprise to learn our customer actually let us go because somebody was cleaning in the same office complex at a lower price.

Oh well, that is how the industry goes and we were sorry to see them go, especially as they were my first customer AND they did not have complaints about the quality of our cleaning.

But by that time, we had 50 happy Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning customers that were happy with us.

So we moved on.

BUT…. two years later they wanted us back. And by that time, I became skilled at providing  accurate quotes that were affordable and fair for both cleaning company and customer.

So today, we are cleaning for the same company for a 60% higher price than our customer was originally paying for the same service.

And they are happy!

The Biggest Problem You Will Have If You Are Not Paying Your Cleaning Company Enough

The problem that a new company has to face is that the old price structurally, has caused the problem in the first place ie, the price was so low that the old cleaners had no option than to do a rush job every clean.

Generally, that will result in low quality.

So if you want permanently low quality, hire the cheapest cleaners you can possibly find.

The #1 Biggest Sign That Your Cleaning Price Is Too Low

I have been to some meetings with potential customers where I just had to thank the representative for their time but actually decline to provide a quote.

And the reason is that the company had the same cleaner for years and years who never increased their price.

Unchanged prices that started years ago is the number one reason you may not be happy with your new quote.

I once started the quoting process for a community child care centre whose cleaning price was $18 an hour – less than the minimum wage.

The cleaner was an older gentleman who was retiring – there was no way that any cleaning company could even come close to the current price so I decided to save my time and the customer’s time.

What To Do If You Are Paying Too Little

The answer is easy.

Google Commercial Cleaners Gold Coast, select the top 3-5 results, let them know you need a new cleaner but do not reveal your current prices.

Examine the quotes and calculate a median price. That should inform you what approximate price you should be pay for commercial and office cleaning in the local Gold Coast market.

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