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We Have 14 Years of Medical Services Cleaning Experience to Put to Work For You

From making sure your entrance is just right, to removing gum from the underneath of furniture in your children’s play area, we have experienced it all.

The little things do count and your patients and visitors do notice. Some

Take cleaning walls for example. Seeing grubby footmarks all over the walls next to an examination bed does not inspire confidence. And nobody wants to look up to see spider webs on ceilings.

These are just some of the things we have seen when quoting for new jobs. Don’t be let down again as you and your patients deserve better.

Other cleaning companies create additional charges to make sure the little things are done. But we do it all as part of our standard cleaning process at standard prices.

Protecting Your Medical Equipment While We Clean

You just made a major purchase that is the lifeblood of your practice.

We get it. And we protect it.  Let us know what to look out for and how to be especially careful around your equipment and we’ll use our experience and cleaning techniques to make sure of it.

Sometimes what seems like a little thing can lead to disaster. Such as unplugging a fridge so we can use our vacuum. Ooops – there goes thousands of dollars of critical lab supplies that must be temperature controlled at all times!  You can be confident our medical cleaning program looks after you.

MD Commercial Cleaning has logged thousands of hours caring for millions of dollars of medical equipment and (touch wood),  have never had an incident around protecting your assets.

One simple way we do this is to use pH neural but very effective cleaning products. It gives us and you, the confidence to know that we are not going to destroy your costly medical facilities and we leave a finish that will sparkle giving your patients confidence.

Fanatical About Quality

Gold Coast medical, dental and hospitals can engage MD Commercial Cleaning with the confidence that we will meet all of your cleaning requirements professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

Keeping your facilities clean and making sure it is fully disinfected and free of cross contamination vitally important to a productive and safe workplace. And a workplace where you, your staff and your patients can be proud of. Read about our approach to QUALITY.

Prevent Cross Contamination

We use a color coding system for our mops, chemicals and cleaning cloths to ensure we do not spread cross-containments around your facilities. This includes color coded items for specific surfaces and rooms which is very important in healthcare cleaning.

Broad Spectrum Disinfection

We use broad spectrum disinfecting and sanitising agents to thoroughly maintain a healthy environment. Your medical equipment is thoroughly wiped with a pH neutral, hospital grade germicide promoting a better standard of hygiene We place special emphasis on on high traffic and high touch areas such as door handles, taps,  dispensers, and restrooms.

HEPA Filtering

Our vacuum fleet all use HEPA filtering systems to arrest tiny airborne particles and ensure all vacuumed surfaces are left looking fresh and clean.

The MD Cleaning Plan Created For Your Medical Practice or Hospital

Service. Expertise. Price

Super Hero Service

If it’s important to you, it’s critical to us. You’ll see your needs highlighted in our quote and on our cleaning specification.

No-Hassles Guaranteed. Put us to the test.

Easy access to our General Manager by phone or email.

Super-fast and responsive to changes or issues. We aim to please you.

We’re Aussie speakers so we’ll understand you, and you us.

Expert Cleaning – 14 Years Strong

From a $70,000 Brass Desk to Pressure Washing skips, we’ve already found the best ways to clean.

We use industry leading equipment and cleaning agents (not the cheapest)  for you every clean.

We’ll collaborate with you to find creative solutions to improve presentation and reduce costs.

There’s just about nothing we haven’t mastered over 400,000 cleaning hours. Put us to the test!

Affordable Pricing

More standard inclusions for the same market price.

Your satisfaction comes before our profits.

We’ll show you where and how you are being scammed on costs.

Your satisfaction comes before our profits.

We’ve found ways to save, we pass on to you.

We’ll price match where we can so you can control your budget.

Satisfied Customers. Again and Again and Again..

“They Never Miss A Beat”

MD Commercial Cleaning consistently exceed our expectations.

From changing cleaning schedules due to public holidays, adding extra cleans when needed over our busy periods or helping to clean up after major flood damage, MD Commercial Cleaning haven’t missed a beat and continue to provide a first-rate service. Julie and her team are always professional..

-Josh Lindsay
Operations Manager – Gold Coast
Russell Transport Pty Ltd

Hassle Free, Superior Cleaning Service

MD Commercial Cleaning  provide a fantastic cleaning service with high standards and are reliable. They have exceptional communication with us the client. When a problem arose they were very responsive, supportive and proactive.
If you are looking for a superior cleaning service with high service standards, hassle free and very responsive, I recommend MD

George Karzon
Broadwater Plaza
Customer for 3+ years

Professional, Reliable, Flexible

ADG Engineers have been using MD Commercial Cleaning Services for over 5 years and we are very happy with their work. They are professional, reliable, and flexible for when additional cleaning services are required, especially for office relocations. They always do a thorough job. They also offer reasonable prices and great customer service.

Vanessa McHugh
Quality Manager
ADG Engineers (Aust) Pty Ltd

Customer for 5 Years

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Declining Cleaning Standards Getting You Down?

Fully Insured
Vetted Cleaners
FREE Bin Liners
Free Chemicals

Your Questions Answered

Yes we do.

The more cleaning we do for you, the more we check.

We have a Full Time and a Part Time Quality Manager. Danny and Patricia. They know all the tricks the cleaners may try to get up to.

And they don’t let them.

You’ll come to know that we are Quality Fanatics and we insist that our cleaning standards  are met, each and every service.

You can read more about our quality HERE.

Yes. In fact, for a cleaning company where people often come and go, our  team is remarkably stable.

A pillar of our approach is to give you the same great clean, every time.

Sometimes cleaners come and go, but our General Manager and Quality Manager are constant and are there to make sure you have both seamless customer service from us and that our cleaning standards don’t slip.

The short answer is that so we can deliver you the best finish each clean, every clean.

Cleaning Supply Salespeople tell us this product or that is amazing. We do exhaustive testing of them all and only select for those that meet our criteria:

  • We look for the best finish, NOT the cheapest to buy.
  • We assess the pH level for those chemicals that are the SAFEST to apply to your surfaces.
  • We look for those chemicals that do the best job at killing germs. That’s why we use a Hospital Grade Germicide as our Spray and Wipe.

Yes we do so you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.

We have several different types of equipment that we use to get more complex tasks complete.

These include:

  • Cordless Back Pack vacuum cleaners from the industry leaders, PacVac for large spaces.
  • Scrubbing Machines from Tennant that produce the best finish and are the most reliable.
  • We assess the pH level for those chemicals that are the SAFEST to apply to your surfaces.
  • We look for those chemicals that do the best job at killing germs. That’s why we use a Hospital Grade Germicide as our Spray and Wipe.

Yes. We have you covered there too.

We have a lot of customers we supply end to end services for.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll go out of our way to accommodate you.

Yes we can. And at no charge.

Our approach is to be really, really good at our core task and leave the rest to specialists that can do a better job than we can in their chosen field.

We have a group of providers we can call on to get the job done for you.

They provide services such as Carpet Cleaning, High Window Cleaning and Pool Cleaning. On occasion, we have even had Gardiners brought in to help.

We pick them on the basis of their quality, reliability and price.

We’ll contact and schedule them for you and don’t worry, we won’t charge a single cent for doing so.

It’s all just part of the service.

Yes. Our Business has $20 Million Dollars Public Liability Insurance.
Every one of Our Cleaners has $5 Million Dollars Public Liability Insurance.
We go out of our way to make sure you are fully protected.

14 Yaers Of Expertise At Your Fingertips And:

Quality Checks/Mo


Satisfied Customers


Skilled Cleaners


Annual Cleaning Hours

3 Easy Steps To Improved Medical Facility Cleaning

  • 1

    Email or Call

    We’ll come to site and collaborate on MD Plan for improved presentation at an affordable price and send you a quote with how we’ll address YOUR needs.

  • 2

    We Get To Work

    Your Cleaners(s) will be trained by our Quality Manager to meet YOUR specifications so your property will be cleaner than it’s ever been.  Next day, we will seek your feedback so we can “dial in” our cleaning until YOU are totally satisfied.


  • 3

    You’ll Have Piece Of Mind Knowing Our Standards Will Never Decline

    We’ll make sure every service reflects the value of your cleaning investment. And we’re just a phone call or email away if you need our help.

You Deserve Better!   Call or Email Away Today 04 333 222 40

You Deserve Better!   Call or Email Away Today 04 333 222 40

Gold Coast Medical Cleaning Case Study

When The Medical Specialist Called The Medical Cleaning Specialists, MD Commercial Cleaning

There were two big defects that prompted the Doctor to change the medical cleaning service that had been with her for more than 5 years.

1. Cleaning Standards Were Declining.

In this case, the previous provider did a great job in the beginning leaving the Practice Manager happy. Over time however, the solo practitioner let his standards slip. And at some point people began to notice. 

On our visit to quote, we noticed the following:

The door frames, window sills and skirting boards were dusty.

The sink drain had a brown, rusty appearance.

There were marks left on the lunchroom tables.

There was a build up of dust all over the laboratory.

2. Customer Service Worsened Over Time.

Like the cleaning, the customer service level declined the longer the relationship lasted.

I was gobsmacked when the Practice Manager told me that the cleaner outright argued with her when she gave feedback about him not vacuuming behind the doors. This is another instance where somebody was being paid to not do what they had promised in their medical cleaning specifications.

And it was the straw that broke the camel’s back which is how we got the call.

How We Improved a Medical Practices’ Cleaning Standards and Customer Service 

We created a MD Cleaning Plan specific to our customer’s needs detailing the specifications and a schedule for checking.

⇒ The cleaner’s work was checked during every clean for the first few weeks with instruction and feedback given in real time.

A deep clean of every room was done room by room. And there were a lot of marks on walls to remove!

⇒ We used a checklist and first person observation by our quality team to ensure that standards remained uniformly high in the years to come.


Our Diagnosis for Better, High Level Customer Service.

Well, we did not ever argue with the Practice Manager, that’s for sure! Indeed, we valued and acted on her feedback.

During the first week, we called in, emailed or called reporting on, and inviting inspection on our work to improve the presentation and cleanliness of the practice.

Feedback was welcomed and acted on resulting in a deeper understanding of our customer’s needs and a stronger focus on delivering their unique requirements.

A “Cleaning Request Book” was left at Reception and staff were informed they could make special requests using the book. We trained our cleaners to action the requests and sign off on them.

⇒ Our General Manager was always only a phone call or email away and was super responsive to any requests or feedback.

The Result was Improved Cleaning, Better Germ Control, Open Communication and a Higher Level of Satisfaction 

 Taking your money and not doing what we promise is not in our DNA. But, responding to your needs, responding to what is important to you, is at the very heart of what we do.

So if you needs medical cleaning professionals that have the level of expertise you need, a great attitude and a winning track record, get in touch with MD Commercial Cleaning today!

A Picture of a MD Commercial Cleaning Cleaning Plan

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