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2024 Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Service Price Range Of $35.00 – $65.00+ Per Hour 

You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a big spread of prices. How come there is not just a single price?

The reasons are a little bit complicated but read on and I’ll explain.

3  Segments of the Market

Broadly, there are 3 types of commercial cleaning services you can choose from and each has a different set of costs and market pricing power, therefore there are (broadly again) 3 different price ranges you can expect to find when you are getting quotes.

  1. The solo operator – expect from $35-$50 per hour.
  2. The Local Independent  (that’s us!) – $35-$55 per hour.
  3. The large company – $40-$65+ per hour.

Each have there place in the market.

The Solo Operator

You can imagine where you would be if the solo operator became ill or need a holiday and unable to carry out your cleaning. Well, you may not be able to, but we have received the calls from distressed customers. “Oh, they’re going to France you say?…”

On the other extreme, you maybe paying for a company’s obligation to it’s shareholder’s to obtain maximum possible prices from it’s customers in order to achieve the highest profit possible. On the plus side, they are often going to be able to buy equipment to cover every possible cleaning scenario there ever was.

In the middle, is the local independent company – the Sweet Spot.

Think of us as the “Mumma Bear” of the industry. Not too big, not too small, but just right! We can almost always take care of all your cleaning needs while offering very personalised (sometimes over the top) service.

We have our professional processes down pat and always have a back-up for you, just in-case you need it. We also have the best equipment, use the best cleaning agents to look after your workplace and have found ways to get the job done in the most efficient way.

And this saves you money.

The Higher Priced National Operator

They are at the high-end of the pricing scale and often offer a full suite of services such as facilities management. They have larger costs and sometimes shareholders they are obligated to achieve the highest possible profits for and their prices can reflect that.

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Commercial Cleaning Prices Outlook For 2024

Prices have already stabilised and normalised in 2023 after some pretty big increases in 2021 and 2022 when the industry just couldn’t find cleaners due, especially, to Australia’s borders been closed.

That one move not only choked off the supply of new cleaners, but many existing cleaners found themselves suddenly competitive in jobs they didn’t qualify before. Think Customer Service Roles in Hospitality as a good example.

As a result, the commercial cleaning industry was squeezed from 2 directions at the same time. We at MD, found it very difficult to even fulfil for our existing customers so we basically shut down accepting new jobs for 2 years.

There Will Not be Dramatic Price Rises in Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Prices In 2024.

The sudden and dramatic decrease in available commercial cleaners often resulted in cleaners asking us for more money (without having our costs of running a professional set-up) than we were charging our customers.

Sometimes We Paid Our Cleaners More Than We Charged Our Customers.

In a few instances, we did have to pay our cleaners more than we were being paid to keep our commitments to our customers. As a company that stands behind our promises we felt we had to, even though it meant losing money by providing services. Gulp!

Have Price Rises Fully Washed Through The System?

Not really. We found that Cleaners asked for higher increases than we could ask for from our customers, many of whom had been with us and used to far more stable prices for years. Overall, we have had to take a bit of a haircut as we continue to work with customers to get value our of their investment in cleaning with us. While we haven’t fully caught up, we know we can’t just keep asking for more and more so it’s a reality we have to bear.

We Offer Affordable Mid-Market Commercial Cleaning Prices

Discounted Cleaning Prices

If you have a big job for us to do, we have a big discount for you.

If you require cleaning on a semi regular basis, we offer competitive, mid-market commercial cleaning prices, with a quality guarantee, and flexible terms.

Why We Can Offer Discounted Prices For Larger Jobs

The more cleaning you require, the cheaper it is for us to provide.  It makes sense that our costs will be higher to do 10 one hour jobs per week in 10 different locations, than it will be to do 1 job of 10 hours per week in one location.

This is because we only have to train one team and a back-up, we do not have to drive to different locations so we cut down on time and fuel amongst other costs.

We Pass The Savings On To You

After all, if our costs are lower, we think yours should be too!

Very Small Jobs Done Free

If we provide a service to you more than once a week, you can request that we clean the inside of the microwave and fridge on a monthly basis and we will do it for Free. We know other companies charge for “Extras” and some try to “Upsell You” relentlessly. In contrast, we choose to try to please you by doing a great job and offering “old fashion service”.

Our Prices Include Free Items

      •  Bin Liners
      • High Quality Cleaning Chemicals
      • Cleaning Equipment. Depending on the extent of the cleaning, we will buy additional equipment so we can meet your needs.

Because if that’s what your job calls us to do, we’ll do it most times.

We Offer Flexible Payment Terms

When we come out and discuss your cleaning needs, we’ll also discuss your preferences for billing and we’ll agree together on the timing of our invoices. After all, pleasing you is second nature to us., We have some weekly billings, some fortnightly and  some monthly. We’ll work together to find the best cycle for you..

A Picture of a MD Commercial Cleaning Cleaning Plan