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How Our Body Corporate Cleaning Services Transformed a Huge Mixed-Use Gold Coast Hi-Rise from Unnaceptable to Beautiful

Cleaning a large mixed-use hi-rise is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, preparation, equipment, and expertise. That’s why when we were hired by a Surfers Paradise body corporate to clean their 28-story building, we knew we had to deliver our best service.

The Customer

Our customer is a body corporate that manages a large mixed-use hi-rise in Surfers Paradise. The building has 28 floors, each with about 1,000 square meters of floor space. The building has various uses, such as holiday apartments, retail shops, restaurants, and offices.

The customer contacted us because they were unhappy with their body corporate cleaners. They felt they were being ignored, the cleaning was getting worse and their was no improvement in sight.

The Cleaning Complaints Were Mounting

They complained that the previous cleaners were unreliable, unprofessional, and inefficient. They also said that the previous cleaners did not follow the cleaning standards and procedures that the body corporate had set.

The customer wanted a new body corporate cleaning services provider that could meet their expectations and provide a high-quality service.

The Customer Had A Wish List

  • Clean the entire building thoroughly and regularly
  • Establish cleaning standards and procedures that would produce a much better and a much more consistent standard of sanitation and presentation.
  • Communicate effectively and promptly with the body corporate and the holiday management company on-site.
  • Work as a team towards a common goal with all the other contractors that work on the site
  • Provide a fair and competitive price

Problems Identified

  • MD was asked to collaborate with management to address concerns that the previous company:
    • Did not work as a team with management and the other contractors
    • Spent too much time talking and not enough time cleaning
    • The attention to detail was lacking
    • The presentation of the building was poor and fast declining
    • Walk around inspections revealed hair in bathroom sinks, grubby walls, rubbish in carpark drains, refuse in gardens, rear entrance covered in sand and many other poor practices

The MD Plan For Improvement

We started the project by conducting a site inspection and assessment. We visited the building and inspected each floor, taking note of the layout, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We also talked to the body corporate and some of the tenants to understand their needs and preferences.

Based on our inspection and assessment, we created a customised cleaning plan and proposal for the client. We outlined the scope, frequency, duration, and cost of our Gold Coast Body Corporate cleaning service addressing every one of the client’s needs and concerns. We also included the cleaning standards and procedures that we would follow, as well as the quality assurance measures that we would implement.

We presented our cleaning plan and proposal to the client and explained the details and benefits of our service. We also answered their questions and addressed their concerns. The client was impressed by our professionalism and expertise, and they agreed to hire us as their new cleaning service provider.

The Challenges

We faced several challenges during the project, such as:

  • The client wanted to retain some of the existing cleaners because the Body Corporate Committee wanted to retain them. They were average cleaners at best, not to our usual much higher standards. We had to find ways to work with them but minimise the damage they were creating.
  • Cleaning a large and diverse space. The building had different types of spaces, such as holiday apartments, retail shops, restaurants, 2 huge pools, saunas and steam rooms, a BBQ area, children’s play room, meeting rooms and offices, multi-level car park etc. Each space had different cleaning requirements and challenges, such as dust, dirt, stains, spills, grease, grime, mold, and bacteria. We had to use different cleaning techniques and products for each space, and we had to pay attention to the details and the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cleaning around the tenants. The building was occupied by various tenants, and some of them had different working hours and schedules. We had to coordinate with the tenants and respect their privacy and security. We also had to minimize the disruption and noise that our cleaning service might cause. We had to be flexible and adaptable to the tenants’ needs and preferences, and we had to communicate with them effectively and politely.
  • Cleaning within the budget and time frame. The customer had a limited budget and time frame for the cleaning service. They wanted us to rejuvenate the entire building within 2 months, and they wanted us to charge a reasonable and competitive price. We had to balance the quality and efficiency of our service, and we had to optimise our resources and processes. We had to plan and schedule our cleaning service carefully, and we had to monitor and control our costs and expenses.
  • At the same time, we had to purchase new equipment fit for the job and incorporate some existing staff into Team MD.

The Solutions

We overcame these challenges by applying the following solutions:

    • Clean the spaces that affected first impressions first, and clean the spaces that were in use during the off-peak hours or when the tenants were not present
    • Work our way through the building area based on the most impactful to the least impactful
    • Restore show-stopping elements of the building to their forma glory
    • Be identifiable as professorially presented cleaners, and follow the security and safety protocols of the building
    • Negotiate with the client and agree on a fair and competitive price for our service
    • Offer them a discount for a cleaning substantial hours 365 days per week
    • Optimize our cleaning service by using the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques, equipment and products, and by reducing unproductive time
    • Deliver our service on time and within the budget

    We agreed to follow the client brief and we assured them that we would provide them with the best cleaning service possible.

We Created the MD Commercial Cleaning Plan To Rejuvenate The Building and make the Stand-Out Elements Pop.

  • What was most important to our customer was priority number one
  • We purchased industry leading equipment ranging from sweepers to polishers and scrubbers. We replaced supplies of poor performing cleaning agents we new produced a higher standard of cleaning and presentation.
  • We put our best cleaners to work and the results they had were almost instant.
  • We also assigned a supervisor  who was responsible for overseeing the cleaning process and ensuring the quality and consistency of the service. We used a checklist and a report system to track and document the cleaning tasks and results.

The MD Plan Included a List Of Improvement Priorities

  • We cleaned the spaces that had the biggest impact on first impressions first.
  • We collaborated with on-site management and the Body Corporate committee to agree a cleaning schedule and plan. We also asked them for their feedback and suggestions, and we accommodated their requests and preferences as much as possible.

    We cleaned the spaces that had the biggest impact on first impressions first.

  • Following a priority list we created and had approved by management, we cleaned the spaces that were in use during the off-peak hours or when the tenants were not present.
  • We worked our way through all of the element the previous company had ignored sometimes for years.
  • We gave special prominence our to the items that were most important to our client and those that had the biggest impact visually.
  • As we carried out our day to day functions, we focused on new areas of the building to bring back, almost good as new.
  • Cleaning within the budget and time frame. We negotiated with the client and agreed on a fair and competitive price for our service. We also offered them a discount for a long-term contract and a referral program. We also optimised our cleaning service by using the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques and products, and by reducing the waste and errors. We also used a time-tracking and invoicing system to record and report the hours and costs of our service. We also delivered our service on time and within the budget.