Coronavirus  (Covid-19) Erradication For Gold Coast Businesses

Gold Coast Coronovirus Cleaning

Covid-19 Cleaning

We Have Aims – Protect you, Protect Our Cleaners
There Are Two Risks.
Health Risks
Legal Risks – For Us and For You
Should you find yourself with a Coronavirus outbreak at your worksite, your immediate concern and priority will be the welfare of those that are on-site and those that have come into contact with them.
Equally, our first consideration is to keep our cleaners safe.
The most likely scenario you will face is that you have a confirmed case of Coronavirus that has infected your work space.
Your first response will probably be to clear the work space and order everybody to obtain a medical assessment.
What will follow is that all people on-site will face a 14 Day period of self-confinement.
It is a process.

We will respond to your cleaning request same day, probably instantly if you call us. 044433322240.

We will advise when we can fully disinfect your workplace.

Due to our own health concerns and research using Australian Government Authorities advice, that will likely be 72 Hours from the time you call.
We are here to assist you and provide every health and legal protection available.
We have cleaners capable of disinfecting your workplace using the strongest germicides available.
They will be kitted out in full Hazmat Gear and will clean EVERY surface thoroughly.
During this crisis period, we have already provided this service to a customer who has a work site within the Studio Lot system operated by Village Roadshow.                                                                                      Tom Hanks contracted the virus so our customer ordered a thorough clean of an office nearby. It was understood that Mr Hanks was nearby but not in our customer’s work space.
We undertake to do everything we can to help you.
Our fee for Corona Virus Eradication Cleaning is $200 per hour, per cleaner.
Please note: Due to the nature of Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, we cannot provide any guarantees that anybody comes in contact with your workplace will not subsequently be diagnosed with same. This is due to the variety of ways that sufferers have become infected in the first place ie, through the air, close contact with carriers who often have yet to be diagnosed and myriad other ways.                                                                                                            
Should you wish us to proceed with cleaning, you do so on the express understanding that we cannot provide any warranties or guaranties that people exposed to your workplace when you clear it to be re-occupied, will not subsequently be diagnosed with Coronavirus or Covid-19 or any other name used to what is popularly called Coronavirus.
Further, you will need to expressly indemnify us against any legal action brought by you or your agents in relation to contracting what is popularly called Coronavirus.
After 72 hours from notification, we will thoroughly clean every hard surface in your work space and you may then seek advice from Australian Medical Authorities around when it will be safe for you to once again allow access to your site.

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