TAX INVOICE Instructions

Your Tax Invoice is filled out the same way every week. There is a sample of the structure you need to use below. You can use a note app on your phone to copy and paste your invoice to me – just change the date and jobs and prices if you do.

Please DO NOT use an invoice book or send me a photo of your invoice.

Tax Invoice

Date – The date of the invoice

From – Your Name

Your ABN:

To : MD Commercial Cleaning

ABN 14 130 969 306

Day Amount

Monday Customer $55.00

Tuesday Customer $35.00

Wednesday Customer $80.00

Thursday Customer $50.00

Friday Customer $20.00

Saturday Customer $50.00

Sunday Customer $70.00

Sub Total $360.00

GST Amount $0.00

Total $360.00


So if you were cleaning the Apple Store on Monday, Westpac Bank on Wednesday and at ABC Cycles on Sunday, your invoice would look like this:

Tax Invoice

30 December 2015

From – John Smith

ABN: 312 585 787 12

To : MD Commercial Cleaning

ABN 14 130 969 306

Day and Customer Amount

Monday Apple $60.00

Wednesday Westpac $40.00

Sunday ABC Cycles $50.00

Sub Total $150.00

GST Amount $0.00

Total $150.00

Our work week is Starts on Monday and Finishes on Sunday. Payment is every Wednesday on the following week.

Your Invoice will be for a one week period only from Monday to Sunday.

Please send your invoice on Sunday or Monday morning – please put a reminder in your calendar on your phone.