Expert And Affordable Contract Cleaners For Gold Coast Business


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Expert and Affordable Contract Cleaning

Use our 14 years of office cleaning experience to add polish to your presentation.  Our efficiency both provides a better standard finish and keeps your costs down!

On Time Every Time

You need to rely on your professionals and we fulfill that need for you.  You can count on our unbroken  14 year record of being on-site when we are scheduled to be there.

Contract Cleaning When You Want It

Some of our contract cleaners work during the day and some work at night when you are not theree.  You can schedule your cleaners to begin when it is convenient to you. We work very close to a 24 hour schedule so whenever you need us, you can count us in.

Service 365 Days Per Year

We never miss a clean and we work every day of the year.  No matter the time of year, we will be there to do your contract cleaning with smiles on our faces.

Consumables Fulfillment

We can supply your consumables such as hand towels, soap and toilet paper at very competitive prices. Sit back and relax because we have you covered!

Ultimate Contingency Planning

It has never come to this yet and we hope it doesn’t…. but…we expect the unexpected and should our cleaners ever not arrive on time, the two business owners will.

Maintenance Reporting

From light bulbs to broken toilets, we will let you know when you need to repair or replace. Our early problem reporting helps to keep your workplace safe.


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