Commercial Cleaning Offers For Gold Coast Businesses


FREE Mini Spring Clean

Like you, we want to make a good first impression.

We would like to be your new cleaning company and we want to make it easy for you to say YES.

So we are giving away a FREE Basic Spring Clean.

Over your first few cleans, you will notice your walls becoming cleaners, your sills will become dust free and your doors will be wiped down to remove previous neglect.

We will also get in and behind the toilets and make sure the floors in the corners of your kitchen or lunch rooms have had any build up of dirt or grime removed. We will clean the inside and outside of your bins and also dust your skirting boards.

We think you deserve cleaning that provides a new level of attention to detail.

We hope that you will understand that we can only make this offer for organisations expecting at least two cleans per week…. however we can offer half off the first clean if you are considering at least weekly cleaning.

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